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The call for papers is now closed.

In keeping with tradition, the acceptance of both oral and poster presentations is based only on submitted abstracts (300 – 600 words). Full papers are not required. The deadline for submission of abstracts was March 15, 2010. There will be no published proceedings for the conference, which allows for the presentation and discussion of the most recent mixing-based research in a collegial environment.

Sessions will cover mixing related subjects from the “Fundamentals of mixing measurement and characterization” to the “Application of mixing in industrial processes”. Topics include, but are not limited to:

- Mixing Fundamentals

- Techniques for Measuring Mixing and Mixing Interpretation

- Mixing on Small Scales

- Mixing and Chemical Reaction

- CFD Modeling of Mixers and Mixing Processes

- Static and Other in-Line Mixers

- Mixing of Multi-phase Systems

- Mixing of Solids

- Industrial Mixing Processes

For Mixing XXII a special thematic issue of the Canadian Journal for Chemical Engineering will be devoted to mixing! Authors are invited to submit full papers for consideration for inclusion in this special issue, which will be issued following the conference. Papers should be submitted using the journal guidelines for authors and will be peer reviewed. To ensure that contributors have the chance to include their most recent work at the conference, the deadline for submission of papers to the special issue will follow the conference (August 31, 2010). Submissions will be made using the on-line submission process.  

Inquiries can be made to the conference chairs Suzanne Kresta and Clara Gomez, via email: mixing@chbe.ubc.ca

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of British Columbia