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Ali Soltanzadeh New Ideas in Mixing: Plug Flow Mixers Univeristy of British Columbia

Andrzej W. Pacek

Ultrasonic De-agglomeration of Pigments Nano-Particles

School of Chem. Eng., University of Birmingham

Antonio Hidalgo Milan Effect of Eccentricity on the Pumping Capacity in an Unbaffled Vessel Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Chris Hibshman Improved Mass Transfer Efficiency in Wet Limestone Flue Gas Desulfurization Philadelphia Mixing Solutions
Chris Hibshman Solids Suspension at Low Liquid Level Mixing Philadelphia Mixing Solutions

David A.R. Brown

The Use and Abuse of Shear Rates in Mixing

BHR Group

Elina Nauha

The Mixing of a Viscous Xanthan Solution: Measurements and Modeling

Aalto University, Finland

Guiren Wang

Nanoscopic Laser Induced Fluorescence for Concentration Measurement

Mech & Biomed Eng., University of South Carolina

Guiren Wang Fast Micromixer in an Non-Uniform AC electric Field Mech & Biomed Eng., University of South Carolina

Gul Ozcan-Taskin

Evolution of Dispersion Properties During the Delamination of Nanoclays


HansHerik Mortesen Drop Break-up in High Pressure Homogenizers Tetrapak

James F. Gilchrist

Understanding Mixing vs. Segregation: Migration of Suspensions in a Time-Periodic Lid Driven Cavity

Dept. Chem. Eng., Lehigh University

Jonathan Ritson

New Methods for Interface Detection Using Electrical Resistance Tomography

Industrial Tomography Systems

Jose Roberto Nunhez

Experimental Obtention of Power Consumption with Helical Ribbon Impellers Using Highly Viscous Liquids

Dept. Proc. Quimicos, UNICAMP, Brazil

Kent E. Wardle Ongoing Studies of the Flow in Annular Centrifugal Contactors Chem Sci & Eng. Division, Argonne National Laboratory

Kishore Kar

A Novel Slinger for Efficient Reflux Condensate Distribution in the Boiling Reactor

The Dow Chemical Company

Manish Bhole

The Effect of Off-wall Clearance of a Side-Entry Impeller on Miixng of Pulp Supensions in a Cylindrical Stock Chest

Dept. Chem & Bio Eng., UBC

Marcus Hoefken

About the Suspension of Plastic Media in Activated Sludge Tanks

INVENT Umwelt-und Verfahrentechink AG, Germany

Maria J. Garcia-Barberena

Liquid-Liquid Dispersion: Short time effects

Chem. Eng., Rowan University

Minye Liu

Computational Study on the Convection-Diffusion Mixing in Microchannel Mixers

DuPont Company

Richard Long

Muscle Action Dependance on the Damkohler Number

Dept. ChE, NMSU, Las Cruces, NM

Sebastian Maaβ

Experimental Investigations of Stirred Liquid-Liquid Systems in Slim Reactors: Mixing Time and Minimum Dispersion Speed

Chem. Eng. Technische Universitat Berlin

Suzanne Kresta

Coalescence in a Naturally Stabilized Liquid-Liquid-Solid Dispersion: Balancing Rapid Demulsifier Dispersion with Minimum drop Breakup

Chem. & Materials Eng. University of Alberta

Wisam Yenjaichon

Assesment of Mixing Quality for and Industrial Pulp Mixer Using Electrical Resistance Tomography

Dept. Chem & Bio Eng., UBC

Wojciech Wyczalkowski

CFD Mixing Design in Large Petroleum Storage Vessels

Philadelphia mixers

Wojciech Wyczalkowski

Energy Efficient Rapid Mixing in Water Plant

Philadelphia mixers

Wojciech Wyczalkowski

Energy Efficient Impeller Design for Anoxic Mixing Services

Philadelphia mixers

Wojciech Wyczalkowski

Energy Savings and Improved Mixing Performance of High Consistency Celulose with Modified Impeller Technology

Philadelphia mixers

Wojciech Wyczalkowski

Novel Super-Pitch, Circular Rake, Cambered, Zero-Velocity-Sump Propeller Design Performance Evalulated as a Function of the Number of Blades

Philadelphia mixers


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