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All Conference Sessions in the Pender Island Ballroom  |  All meals in Vancouver Island Ballroom  |  All social hours held on the second floor


Sunday, June 20

Monday, June 21

Tuesday, June 22

Wednesday, June 23

Thursday, June 24

Friday, June 25




Author/ Presenter


7:00 - 8:00 AM


SESSION 2: Mixing of solids I                                  Chairs: K. Myers and D. Brown

8:00 AM

PLENARY: Slurry Pipeline Flows: Coarse Behaviour From Some Otherwise Fine Particles

Sean Sanders

University of Alberta, Canada

8:45 AM

Solids Suspension in Tall Tanks

Richard F. Cope

The Dow Chemical Company

9:10 AM

Pulse Jet Mixers- The Known and Unknown about Solids Suspensions

David Dickey

MixTech Inc.

9:35 AM

Effect of a High Shear Homogenizer on Mixing Time in a Fully Baffled Stirred Tank

Micaela Caramellino (student finalist)

New Jersey Institute of Technology

10:00 AM


10:20 AM

Experimental and Computational Characterization of Flow and Mixing Behaviour in a Continuous Powder Mixer

Fernardo Muzzio

Chem & Biochem Eng., Rutgers University

10:45 AM

Solving Granular Segregation Problems Using a Viaxial Rotary Mixer

Bodhisattwa Chaudhuri

Pharmaceutical Sciences, Univeristy of Conneticut

11:10 AM

An Investigation of the Mixing and Segregation of Powders in a Spheronizer

Francois Bertrand

Chem. Eng., Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal

11:35 AM

Solid Velocity Profiles Using UVP and CFD Simulations

Madhavi Sardeshpande 

National Chemical Laboratory, India

12:00  - 1:00 PM




5:00 - 5:40 PM

Social Hour and Exhibit

5:40 - 7:00 PM


SESSION 3:  In line mixers and micro mixing                    Chairs: M. Liu and E. Galindo

7:00 PM

Segregation of Suspensions in Microscale In-line Mixers

James F. Gilchrist

Dept. Chem. Eng., Lehigh University

7:25 PM

Novel Transfer Inline Mixing Process and Mixer Based Receptivity

Guiren Wang

Mech & Biomed Eng., University of South Carolina

7:50 PM

The Effect of Surfactants on the Breakup of and Axisymmetric Laminar Jet

Justin Walker
(student finalist)

University of Maryland

8:15 PM


8:35 PM

Scaling Up of Silverson Rotor-Stator Mixers

Steven Hall

School of Chem. Eng., University of Birmingham

9:00 PM

Flow and Power Characteristics of Three Types of Rotor-Stator Heads

Gul Ozcan


9:25 PM

Characteristics of Rotor-Stator Batch Mixer Performance Elucidated by Shaft Torque and Angle Resolved PIV Measurements

HansHenrik Mortensen

Tetra Pak Scanima

9:50  - 11:30 PM

Social Hour and Exhibit


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